jeudi 9 septembre 2010

Au revoir Claude... Farewell Claude...

Bonjour à vous, chères amies,        (PLease scroll down for english version)

Cette semaine a passé si vite, que je n'en ai rien vu! À la farce, je l'ai baptisée: Deux  mariages et un enterrement!  Une question de vie quoi! Cette vie qui nous amène parfois à travers des chemins que l'on préférerait sans doute éviter. Elle nous met face à des situations difficiles qui exigent  de puiser dans des ressources que l'on ne croit pas avoir en nous. On se retrouve seul, impuissant, et nu devant de telles circonstances. La mort d'un être cher est une de ces situations pénibles et inévitables. Ce n'est pas la mort elle-même qui vient me chercher au plus profond de mes tripes, mais bien le sillon de la vie, celui que l'on laisse derrière soi lorsque tout s'arrête. Je me suis intéressée à cette question depuis la mort de mon papa, il y a de cela 12 ans pour m'aider à traverser les étapes du deuil, j'ai lu, réfléchi, accepté. J'ai réalisé qu'à travers ce cheminement j'ai grandi, je me suis même épanouie. Mais la vie a cette façon de travailler en spirale, de nous remettre devant la même situation, dans des circonstances bien différentes. Il y a des départs qui nous étonnent, d'autres nous choquent, d'autres nous abattent, nous découragent, mais les départs ne nous laissent jamais indifférents. La mort a ce quelque chose de révoltant, c'est qu'il est impossible de refuser son invitation à la suivre. Elle nous emporte le moment venu. Claude, était mon beau-frère, le mari de la soeur aîné de Pierre. Dans la famille Champagne, lui et moi, ne partagions que le qualificatif de "rapporté" avec pour seule exception, que je porte le nom Champagne! Nous habitons tout près, nous ne nous fréquentions pas souvent, mais j'avais une affection profonde pour le monsieur qu'il était. Il s'est éteint le 4 septembre sans que je puisse lui parler. La mort a ceci de très particulier, il n'y a pas de revenez-y. Il est parti emportant avec lui ce qui n'a jamais été exprimé. Je trouve difficile, malgré mon petit chemin dans ce sentier, d'exprimer mes émotion, de dire au revoir. J'ai donc demandé à Tilda de venir m'aider... Coïncidence, Farewell Tilda fasse partie de la collection Bon Voyage? Je ne crois pas au coïncidences. Mais, je ne pouvais prévoir que j'utiliserais Tilda pour dire au revoir à Claude... encore moins pour lui souhaiter une bonne route dans l'au-delà.
Je me suis inspirée de notre thème, chez Stamptacular Sunday Challenge qui est "Distress it"; et du magnifique sketch de Paper take weekly. Bien queTilda ait une mission un peu triste, j'espère qu'elle vous plaira...

Good morning dearest friends,
This week has come and almost gone, and I have not been able to stay put very long. I will perhaps seem cynical, but I entitled it: from a well known film from the 90's, Two weddings and a funeral! It's all about life, isn't it? There are circumstances in life that anyone would do anything to escape, in those moments, one realizes that he or she has to find within him or her-self strenght that we sometimes ignore we are capable of.  We find ourself alone, helpless and bare naked in front of such events. Death of a loved one is among those difficult and unavoidable situations. It is not death itself that hits me where it hurts, it's life itself that one leaves behind that continues in his or her absence. This tought came to my mind, 12 years ago when I lost my dad. It's a road I explored alone, through reading, and reflexion, it helped me go through mourning. But Life follows its course, and has this privilege of bringing back situations that need more "polishing"  in totally different circumstances.  There are many kinds of departures, some leave us frustrated, in pain, surprised, even shocked. But a departure never leaves anyone indifferent. I find death has something outrageous, it's impossible to say no to it's invitation. It just brings our soul when time has come. This is what happened to Claude, who was Pierre's older sister's husband. Claude & I had something in common: we were both "outsiders" from the Champagne family, with the only exception that I bear the name. We were living close, but did not see each other that frequently. Claude was my cross-word buddy at one point and had developed somekind of friendship. I had a profound affection and respect for the man he was, a very "human" person.  He passed away on September 4, and never had a chance to say Farewell...  I asked Tilda to do it for me, as the words I still stucked in my throat. Is it a coincidence that she is of the Bon Voyage collection? I don't believe in coincidence! One thing I could have never forseen, it that I would ink Tilda for the first time and ask her to say Farewell to Claude forever.
I have been inspired by our week's theme at Stamptacular, Distress it, and used ink around Tilda, and distressed the edges of the white cardstock - I am thinking of buying this little zutter tool, I love distressing, but so messy... I colored Tilda with copics, and used Liquid Pear, opal, on her apron and shoes. I used the beautifulsketch at Paper take weekly.
Hope you will like her, even if her mission is somewhat sad...

Just Magnolia Montly challenge, Anything goes. (missed the link by a few minutes....!!! One day I will learn.)
Paper take weekly, Sketch 47
Magnolia Down Under - N. 62 - feathers furs, or fins ( tail of the dove is in real feather!)

Liste du matériel utilisé: Material used:
Carton/Cardstock: bazzil
Papier/paper: Creative Memories
Etampe: Stamp: Farewell Tilda,No. 215, it is now on reorder at Diana
the gorgeous flowery ribbon is a gift from Diana.
Tilda was colored with copics, accents were made with Atyou spica gell,  her apron was painted with Liquid pearl, opal.

48 commentaires:

Card Crazy a dit…

That is a lovely card and I think she expresses the sentiment beautifully.
Sue S.

Rene a dit…

Oh Danielle, I am so sorry! Your card is beautiful and says everything that your beautiful heart wishes it to!
You are going to be such an asset to the Stamptacular Design Team. Congratulations.
Again, she is just beautiful and, yet, so very sad...she makes me want to cry along with her because there is nothing like shared tears...I will be thinking of you and your family.

Corinne a dit…

Danielle, your card is beautiful! I can feel your heartache, I think the added tear to Tilda is a perfect touch. Saying "Good Bye" is never easy and even harder when we have to do it forever. I am still struggling over the loss of my dad 2 years ago. May God carry you in his hands during your time of sorrow! God Bless!

Regina a dit…

Oh Dan!!! I´m so sorry for you!!! Your card express your feelings pretty well.
Unfortunately when such things happens in our lives we see everyone going on their lives and we couldn´t understand. For us the time must stop for everyone. I know what you mean, but there´s something so important that will never die. Your memories and the time you spent together. Think about this. He´s in a better place than all of us!!
Hugs and love

Candy a dit…

Dear Danielle,
I am sorry for your loss. I loved how you explained your feelings of death - that it is the life they leave behind and that it is so sad it continues on without them. I lost my father and still can't come to terms with it, yet I know he is with the Lord and out of pain....
Your card is a perfect, showing exactly how you are feeling and the tear is perfection! I love the beauty and simplicity of your awesome card.
I will be thinking of you and your family at this time of loss.

On a lighter note - you would love the Zutter tool. I have just bought one and it's great.
Big hugs, Candy

Nancy a dit…

Oh Danielle, first let me say how sorry I am over the passing of your friend, Claude. Yes, death always leaves us changed and sadly, its calls cannot be denied. Your commentary is exquisite, as is your card. I am just sorry that you may always associate this lovely stamp with a profound loss. (((( ))))

Christina C. a dit…

Dearest Dan, So very sorry for your loss!
Your card is absolutely the addition of the doves...perfect! I love this Tilda and you colored her to perfection. Your card is exquisite.
P.S. I just ordered that distressing tool!

Anonyme a dit…

Danielle, I'm so sorry about the loss of Claude. It's always hard to lose someone. I love the doves and your coloring is wonderful as always.

PCM a dit…

Beautiful Danielle. I am sorry for your loss - and I hope that your world of Tilda's can bring some comfort to you. Thanks for sharing your beautiful card.

Leslie Anne Avila a dit…

First let me say that i'm so sorry for your loss. (anyone that loves crosswords is okay in my eyes <3) your words about him were so heartfelt and you're absolutely right when you said that death changes you.
your card is simply lovely and is a sweet reminder that life is precious. Thank you for sharing this....
sending comforting prayers to you~
Leslie A.

Myrna a dit…

Danielle, what a beautiful special card to give someone in their time of need. So sorry to hear of the death of a loved one.

LINDA W. a dit…

So sorry for your loss....your card says it all
it is beautiful

Lisette Morris a dit…

Sweet Danielle, I'm sorry for your loss. Your Farewell Tilda is perfect, may it provide comfort to you and your family. Hugs, Lisette

Peta's Blog a dit…

Absolutely gorgeous! I love the colours and the layout and papers. Love the little birds too. Thansk so much for sharing with us at MDUC xoxo Peta

Barb Hardeman a dit…

A beautiful card Danielle! Your workmanship is outstanding. Every detail of this card is exceptional! Thanks for sharing your story! Life and death affect us all!


Congratulations on your appointment to the Stamptacular DT. You will find Priscilla fabulous to work with and the other girls are very friendly and supportive. Well done!


Louise a dit…

Bonsoir Danielle,
Mes sincères sympathies
Ce n'est jamais facile de dire au revoir, surtout pout toujours. Ta carte est de toute délicatesse.
A propos du Zutter, je l'adore

Tracy S a dit…

I have no idea what this card is for because I can't figure out how to translate the blog but the card is beautiful... I love how you added a tear to her face.

Patti Jo a dit…

Beautiful card and beautiful words for your friend/relative. What fond memories to have to help you get through and remember your friend by.

Audrey a dit…

Mes sympathies... ce n'est jamais facile la vie... Mais la carte est si magnifique et si appropriée dans ces circonstances....J'aime beaucoup les couleurs douces utilisées...les fleurs et les colombes! TRès belle carte!

Kylie a dit…

Oh Danielle! My heart goes out to you. I am so sorry for your famiy's loss. I am glad you found some comfort in your craft. It is evident that your heart has gone into this beautiful card. It is a true work of art.
Thank you so much for sharing it with us at MDUC.
Big hugs

PauleetChinelle a dit…

Chère amie,

Mes sincères sympathies à toute ta famille.

Tu as réussis à créer une superbe carte d'au revoir. Délicate, rechercher et tout a fait d'à-propos avec les hirondelles.

Ce fût sûrement très difficile à réalisé.

Christine Riley a dit…

What a beautiful card and what a beautiful thing you wrote about your friend. I'm so sorry for your loss!
Hugs, Christine

Tracy S a dit…

Danielle ty so much for stopping by and clearing up the translation thing. I am sooo sorry for your loss. Death is such a hard thing. I hope the many wonderful memories you have will bring you some comfort.

Genevieve a dit…

Toutes mes sympathies Danielle.
La création arrive parfois à nous apporter du réconfort à certains moments de la vie! On s'y réfugie...on se laisse aller...
C'est une carte merveilleuse que tu as créée, douce, empreinte de d'amour!
Chaque élément est bien choisi et a sa portée!

Suzanne J Dean a dit…

So pretty--love the color combos and layout of this!


Leonie a dit…

O danielle you card is just gorgeous and I'm sure Claude would have loved it too! Love the birds, messengers to heaven! Just beautiful and I'm glad our distressing theme at SSC inspired you as well.
Much hugs

♥♥RubyM:)♥♥ a dit…

OH Dan i didn't read too much i'm afraid.I just read the terrible news.I am so sorry for th eloss of your friend((hugs)) I truly believe that he now lives in a better place.Life does continue on but now you have a gift from him that will never go away is the wonderful memories that can't never be taken away.My heart goes out to you my friend!!!!

This little girl is going to remind me of you now.I'm just going to think that you visited me her ein chicago and your going away and your crying becaus eyou don't want to leave lol!! How is that??? oh dan big hugs.You nee dme you know where to find me.RubyM:)

YOU DID A BEAUTIFUL JOB!! The white doves are a beautiful touch.The coloring is just jaw dropping and congrats again on making your first DT AND WELL DESERVED YOU TALENTED GIRL!!!:)

Catherine Atkinson a dit…

It's a lovely card, and a beautiful sentiment. Thanks for sharing it.

Unknown a dit…

Oh I'm so sorry for your loss, its never easy and I'm glad you found some time to express yourself through your art work. Your card is stunningly beautiful and captures your feelings perfectly.... Thanks so much for sharing your heartfelt card with us this week at MDUC.

Summite a dit…

Vraiment tu réussi à nous exprimer quelque chose de triste en quelque chose de beau. Ta carte est géniale. Je n'aurai jamais penser utiliser cette image pour une carte de sympathie. Si j'était dans la situation de ta belle-soeur comme je serais contente de recevoir ce beau cadeau. Les couleurs se mari avec la raison de l'existence de cette carte. Tu as même mis un seul larme sur la joue de Tilda pour nous exprimer la peine sans y mettre tout l'emphase. Bravo

Unknown a dit…

Oh Danielle...I'm so sorry for your loss. This card is a beautiful "farewell"! Beautifully colored with perfect DPs!! Also, congrats on landing a DT spot. You definitely deserve it!! Pat Frank

Deb a dit…
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Deb a dit…

When I saw this stamp Danielle, I thought of using it for a condolence card as have done a soft, beautiful job of expressing 'goodbye' to a loved one. I know this has been a tough week for you - chin up you said, life does go on around us and it is our responsibility to live it to the fullest.
Deb xoxo

Anonyme a dit…

A beautifully finished, thoughtful card to farewell a loved one...The doves are just right for this lovely card..


Debbie Pamment a dit…

Such a moving and beautiful tribute to someone who was obviously very special! The tear on Tilda's face is just the perfect touch - I'm sorry for your loss.
Thanx for sharing this with us at MDUC

cathylynn a dit…

Dearest Danielle, I just found out about your family's loss and I send my heartfelt sympathy to you and yours. You card reflects love and it is absolutely beautiful as you are. I've been away for the week and have missed all the postings for the week. God Bless You and may you and your family find the Perfect Peace that only the Lord can give. Hugs, CathyLynn

cabio's craft corner a dit…

Aw, Danielle, thanks for sharing this beautiful card and the story behind it. I can see that you ain't just made this card with your hands, but with your heart and memories!!
Sometimes, life gets rough and force one to take up challenges. Whether you like it or not. After all, at least we can use stamping therapy to help ease inner pain. Hope everything is well and you take it easy :o)

Dena a dit…

Danielle! What a beautiful card with so much care put into it! I'm so sorry for you loss!
Big hugs, Dena

Michele Roos a dit…

Oh such a gorgeous card Danielle. Love the colouring of the image and the papers also. Hugs Michele x

nath81 a dit…

une carte magnifique et pleine d'emotion ,ben tu vois moi qui est perdu mon mari a 30 ans je n'est pas de mot qui sorte face a cette situation que moi meme j'ai vecu
bisous nath

Anonyme a dit…

beautiful Tilda Danielle! Awesome coloring and love her tear!
Pam Going Postal

Irene Daryanto a dit…

Danielle, congrats on being in MDUC top 5, you deserved it, it's so gorgeous, really love your coloring, great accent on her tear, it looks real.
Great card.
Hugs, Irene

Lorraine A a dit…

Beautiful card Danielle, everything is just perfect xx I am so sorry for your loss xx

thanks for joining is on the PTW :-)
Lols x x x

Norma a dit…

Danielle, I am not good at giving out condolences--and that's being generous. In fact I suck at it. But I am sorry for the loss of someone who is so special to you. I am opposite to you in that I find it hard to express myself in words.
Your card is absolutely gorgeous. I love everything about it: the adorable image, the soft colours you use, your wonderful colouration, the layout. It's beautifully put together. Love it.

Warm hugs,

Scrapbook Centrale a dit…

Danielle, this is just amazing. How gorgeous! the teardrops are so realistic looking!
Love it!!

Laurie Flannery a dit…

Beautiful card!

Annette a dit…

Oh Danielle, you continue to amaze me with your colouring! WOW! I love how you've added the teardrops to accent this farewell Tilda. And the layers are perfection! Absolutely gorgeous!

Carissa a dit…

Beautiful card Danielle, I think it expresses your feelings very well. So sorry for your loss.