vendredi 3 décembre 2010

Inventory challenge

Good afternoon dear friends,
I am so sorry I have not been able to make it for this challenge. I've had quite an hectic week. My mom was not feeling too well lately; on Sunday, I took her to the hospital, where they took tests and let her go. On Thursday morning, all the tests they had taken were negative, which is a good news but doesn't solve her problem. Remains the possibility of a gluten allergy... They have now placed her on a restricted diet, all the non-gluten products are not so easy to find. Which explains my running around and my absence. It is 14h20 Montreal time, and it is my first time to sit down since wednesday night! It is said that a month that starts like a lion, will end like a lamb. I would change that to: a months that starts a rabbit, will end like a turtle!!!!!!!
Have a nice day. I will post on Sunday.

4 commentaires:

Christina C. a dit…

Danielle, don't worry....we all have weeks like that. I know I certainly do!!!! Some days I don't know if I'm coming or going!
Life today is so fast paced....I just want to sit down, put my feet up and REBEL!!!!

Regina a dit…

Dan!!! I know what you mean!!! We all have some difficult time. I´m very sure that soon we will see all your wonderful projects again!
Take care of yourself!

Gemma a dit…

Hi, sorry to hear about you mum, hope that she will feel better after taking the dieet! Take care of yourself! Hugs Gemma

Genevieve a dit…

Un mois de décembre qui commence difficilement....j'espère que ta maman se porte mieux....
Fais attention à toi!