mercredi 4 avril 2012

A MAGIC MOMENT... Un moment magique.

Happy Wednesday,
I have been missing in action lately, and for a very special reason! Life sometimes serves us MAGICAL MOMENTS, and the story that follows is among them. Who could have thought this could be possible. When I started coloring Magnolia stamps, a very talented artist inspired my creating process. Her name is Claudia Rosa, from Pretty Pressings. I would suggest to those of you who do not know Claudia, to visit her blog, and taste her eye candies. She  has a very unique coloring talent, her cards are all fabulous, pieces of art and heart and she is also a wonderful crafter: she creates very exquisite knitted and crocheted items. She guided my first step with copic markers as  I spent many hours in front of my screen, simply trying to understand how she did her blending. I visit and leave a comment on every post on her blog, it is a rendez-vous I would not miss, as I know my eyes will be filled with beauty. We exchange e-mails and keep in touch, which is very precious in this virtual world. But... Life had a surprised cooked for us. Claudia and her husband were to spend some time in Ottawa, and I decided to drive down and meet her. I am so grateful for the wonderful time we spent together, we talked sooooo much, her husband could witness! we played tourist, took pleasant meals together, and most importantly COLORED together in the lobby of the hotel. We had fun, and felt very privileged to have been granted the chance to meet in person. Here are a few pictures of Claudia and I,  VERY MAGIC MOMENT in Ottawa.

Bon mercredi.
Je me suis fait rare sur les blogues ces derniers jours, mais j'avais une excellente raison. Il arrive dans la vie des moments magiques. et celui que je vais vous raconter en est un exemple parfait, du genre qui aurait dit... Lorsque j'ai fait mes débuts avec les Magnolia, une colorieuse de grand talent a beaucoup influencé mon processus de création. Il sagit de Claudia Rosa, je vous propose d'ajouter son blogue Pretty Pressings à vos favoris. Claudia est d,abord et avant tout une artiste; non seulement est-elle  DT Magnolia, elle tricote et crochète admirablement bien. J,ai passé de nombreuses heures à admirer ses créations; c'est elle qui a guidé mes premiers pas lorsque je me suis mise sérieusement à colorier aux copics. Nous nous envoyons des courriels régulièrement, et déjà de conserver une relation vivante dans ce monde virtuel tient parfois du miracle. Claudia et son mari devait se rendre à Ottawa, et nous avons convenu de nous rencontrer. Quel privilège ce fut de passer de si beaux moments avec elle; d'échanger, de placoter, et MÊME  de colorier. Bien entendu nous avons fait une petit tour de ville, Ottawa est si charmante, surtout sous le soleil du printemps. Je partage avec vous quelques unes de mes photos favorites de notre rencontre à Ottawa.

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June Nelson a dit…

Good morning darlin, what beautiful pics, and I visit claudia every day to see her fantastic works of art, so nice for you to actually meet her, and it looks likeyou had a wonderful time, just lovely xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

cathylynn a dit…

Beautiful pictures! Wow I bet you had a magical time. Thanks for sharing your story and pictures with us. I wish I could of been there too!
Hugs, Cathy

Rene a dit…

Oh I'm so HAPPY for you!!!! Looks like you had a fabulous time!!!!
Rene :D

Kathy Gerace a dit…

What a wonderful present to meet someone so special to you as Claudia is! the pictures look like you had a wonderful time.

Céline a dit…

les rencontres comme celles là sont si rares et si précieuses!

Heidi a dit…


I can share with you your excitement as I have been able to share the company of Claudia in my home, her home and local Archivers to craft and chat! Glad you enjoyed it.

Regina a dit…

Daniele!!! As you said a "magic moment" indeed!!! I´m so happy for you too!!
Have a great week!!

Nady a dit…

Ah ma chanceuse hihi! C'est une de mes carteuses préférées et je suis son blog depuis longtemps. C'est super des moments comme celui là!
Nadyne xx

Christina C. a dit…

Love the pictures! Looks like you had a fabulous time. Thanks for sharing.

Genevieve a dit…

Des moments inoubliables n'est-ce pas?
Dans une ville superbe, superbe!!!
Chanceuse de la aussi elle est dans mes faboris depuis longtemps....j'adore son style!!
Bises Danielle et Joyeuses Pâques en famille!!

Claudia Rosa ~ Pretty Pressings a dit…

Hello Sweetie... thank you so much for your wonderful posting.
i had the most amazing time with you. It was like we had met before Ottawa. I could just chat with you all night. Thank you so much for taking such a long car drive to meet us.

We are finally back home. The rest of the trip was okay. The day after you left it rained and we were not able to do much. We did go to the Art museum but the Vincent paintings were not there it. So Danielle we did not miss much :-)

big hugs to you

Elise a dit…

OoOH Danielle! How WONDERFUL!!!! Thank you so much for sharing such a lovely story and such beautiful pictures! You both look so excited and like you're having so much fun! Beautiful backdrops ... ahhhhh .. to be in the company of a dear friend! :) Lovely lovely lovely!!!!!!!

Much Love,

Sandy a dit…

Oh Miss Danielle - I am so happy for you!!! Life does have some wonderful surprises. Your pictures are grand and you have paid a very special tribute the the most talented Claudia. I love her work too!

Chris a dit…

Looks like you had a fantastic time Danielle and it looks like a very beautiful city. To meet Claudia I'm sure was magic, she's gorgeous and I'm sure it's time you'll both treasure. Hugs, Chris :)