dimanche 29 septembre 2013

Imagine... my first canvas.

Happy day dear followers  and friends!
After making my first step in art journal, I am now trying my hands in creating a canvas. It took this the melted crayons technique to trigger my imagination and give myself the first kick in the .... because yes, I really need a big kick to convince myself to start something! I never feel ready,  the days go buy, and I seem to get busy everywhere else than on what I dream of doing! Do you know that feeling???  A few weeks ago I saw on a FB page, a canvas with melted Crayola crayons. Well, this triggered my imagination, and offered me on a silver plate the ideal tool to play with. It brought me back when I was a little girl, sitting at the kitchen table, with a big coloring book and my crayons, then a little later, when I was in school, carrying in my bag, this precious black box of Crayola crayons. At the time, they were not round, but hexagonal, and smelled so nice. So... first canvas, new beginnings, and old memories... I chose "imagine" as my title because the act of imagining, itself, is so very creative, it is the first step we take towards realizing a creation. For me, it is often where I stop... But this time, by melting the crayons on a canvas I just played, and discovered the pleasure of not expecting anything from a act of creation, looking at the wax running on the canvas, pushed by the hot air of the heat tool, and trying to make it follow a path, was enough to experience deep fun. I was 4 again, and just playing!  Imagine, also because it is the title of a song by John Lennon that I dearly love. Imagine, colors! Enough bla bla... tadam... this is my canvas.

Bonne journée chères amies et fidèles lectrices!
Après avoir fait mes premiers pas en Art journal, je poursuis ma quête sur un canevas. J,avais beau m'inspirer de si belles réalisations, je me suis retrouvée maintes fois devant mon canevas , BLANC. Aucune inspiration. Il aura fallu une "apparition" sur ma page FB pour déclancher le processus! Donc, il y environ 2 semaines, apparaît sur ma page un fil de BizArte montrant une oeuvre faite de crayons de cire fondus. Suivez le fil de mon inspiration, maintenant: crayons de cire, crayola, petite fille, livre de couleur... et me revoilà assise gentiment à la table de la cuisine de mon enfance, devant une page à colorier alors que maman cuisine... Puis c'est l'odeur des crayons de cire si particulière, qui est revenue chatouiller mon imagination. Je me revoyais choisissant soigneusement une couleur après l'autre, déchirant doucement et méthodiquement le papier autour du crayon pour libérer la pointe, crayon qui était hexagonal dans le temps! Ainsi j'ai renoué avec le plaisir de jouer sans rien attendre de cette expérience. Il suffisait de regarder couler la cire et de m'amuser à la pousser avec le séchoir! Ma toile s'appelle "Imagine" parce que le processus de création débute toujours par une phase d'imagination! Et que malheureusement, je suis restée assise à cette étape trop longtemps. Imagine, parce que c'est le titre d'une chanson de John Lennon que j'adore... Je l,ai fait jouer, j'ai pesé sur le bouton du séchoir, et doucement, tout doucement, la cire s'est mise à couler... Imagine, les couleurs.... Voilà, assez de bla bla, voici mon canevas.

Wishing you a colorful and creative day!
Je vous souhaite une journée toute en couleurs et en création!

15 commentaires:

Brigitte a dit…

J'ADORE!!!!!!! C'est tellement beau Danielle!!!!! Les coulisses sont parfaites et j'aime les couleurs que tu as choisies. Bises, Brigitte

Paula a dit…

Fantastic!! Love the melting crayons technique and the word imagine goes perfectly with this canvas. Gorgeous piece of art.

Christina C. a dit…

Very innovative, creative and unique!
I can see that you were going for something different and you certainly achieved that goal. I really like the varying degrees of color intensity achieved by this technique and the word you selected to feature your creativity is perfect!

Céline a dit…

ça alors!!! quelle belle idée, c'est très très fun

cathylynn a dit…

Well you are off to a magnificent start! Of course I think you have conditioned us to expect nothing less. I love this canvas and the way the colors run together to create more art is totally awesome. Imagine is a fitting word for this! Who would ever think that melted crayons could be so gorgeous? Great job my friend!
Hugs, Cathy

Joséphine a dit…

Wow c'est fabuleux Danielle, j'adore l'originalité de ta toile!!!!

Patricia a dit…

C'est tres original wow bravo. Il t'en fallait de l'imagination pour faire cette creation tout en couleurs. Le resultat est magnifique.
Chapeau et belle continuite dans tes cartes et projets.
Patricia xx

Chris a dit…

Well I absolutely love it Danielle and I'm so happy that you found the trigger to create your first canvas. I believe you've hit the nail on the head, it really is about putting down product on a surface and seeing where it leads you without expectation! I'm so glad you were 4 again too, that's the best part. I look forward to your next my friend! Chris xx

Kelly a dit…

Yeah you did it!! The first step and your thoughts behind the crayons is a awesome beginning. I love the colors, love to see what they do also, you would love Pebeo Fantasy moon paints, you can watch them change as you add more color. I love what you did and doesn't it feel good to just do what you feel, create and see where it leads you. Love that about your canvas, wonderful that you did it!!
Big Hugs, Kelly

Sandy a dit…

I do know how you feel - and yet at the same time it amazes me that you evidently do not realize your artistic talent! Not only is your canvas creative but very rich in color making a wonderful piece of art.
Imagine playing with crayons - having so much fun and the surprise of really liking what you do -- Imagine that!!! Bravo - well done!

Elise a dit…

OMG Danielle! Wow wow wow .. this is INCREDIBLE! I love the feelings behind this, the creative mind, just everything is so AMAZING! I can't put into words ... but wow .. you have captured feelings right onto this canvas and it speaks volumes!!!! Looooove it!

Much Love,

Sylvia a dit…

Oh Daniëlle, I love reading your post, this is so you and also I think that a lot of people including me are feeling and thinking the same. Wow, I love your first canvas and I can't wait to see more.
Hugs Sylvia

Yvonne a dit…

Whaaaa, this is zo beautiful!!!!
XXX Yvonne

Yvonne a dit…

My oh my this is so beautful Danielle!!!
Love it love it love it.
XXX Yvonne

Heather a dit…

A stunning canvas Dalielle, a wonderful design, so creative and such beautifully rich colour scheme - awesome!!!

Heather xx