lundi 27 janvier 2014

For a very special someone...

Happy Tuesday
Thank you for visiting! It's been a long time since I posted. It's also been along time since I really sat down in front of my table to create. I do sit at my table, only to study! I told you about my photography course, well I must say it shows I have not been a student for a while! my head is ready to explode on new terminology! that is to say that on the first course, the only word I truly could relate to was "monochromatic". I understood I was not photo 101, but photo pre-school level! However, with perseverance and work, I hope it will all make sense and allow me to switch from AUTO mode to manual without to much headache!

Bon Mardi!
Merci de votre visite! Il y a longtemps depuis mon dernier message, il y a aussi un bout depuis que je me sois assise à ma table de travail pour créer, j'y viens surtout pour étudier... Mes cours de photographie exigent un peu plus que de la pratique. Surtout que je me suis rendue compte que je n'étais pas niveau photo 101 mais bien maternelle, lorsque qu'à la fin du premier cours j'ai réalisé que le seul mot avec lequel j'étais vraiment familière était "monochromatique". Avec un peu de persévérence, je pourrai passer plus aisément du mode Auto au mode manuel qui me faisait si peur... 

January 15th was the birthday of a very special blog friend. I wanted to create something especially for her, I create by inspiration in those occasion, and  inspiration has it's own rules. I cannot force when this happens. The wonderful Pion papers just imposed themselves, and yes they truly connect with her. The image showed up a few days later, in Tilda with cross necklace, from the Special moments collection. Then, it all came together. I was about to close the box and mail everything, when I knew something was missing. Go find out why, I assembled everything to create a little key chain, but no do, the pieces lied there until I visited Kelly's blog and saw exactly what was missing! thank you, Kelly for providing me the missing piece of my puzzle. It took time, I know by now I cannot rush inspiration, if I agree to follow it. I could create just about anything, put elements together and obtain a satisfactory result,  but the feeling is not the same; and it is that feeling I am looking for.

Le 15 janvier dernière était l'anniversaire d'une amie de blogue très précieuse. Je voulais créer quelque chose d'unique pour elle. Dans ce cas, je crée par inspiration, et l'inspiration gère ses propres règles. Impossible de forcer les choses lorsque je choisis ce mode de création. Les éléments se présentent un à un à leur rythme, et je me dois de respecter, sinon je perds le fil! bien entendu, je peux créer dans un autre mode, mais je n'éprouve pas le même sentiment de plénitude. Les éléments se sont présentés ainsi, le papier Pion, Tilda with cross necklace, de la collection Special Moments et la carte est "entrée" toute seule. J'avais pris les photos et j'étais sur le point de l'envoyer lorsqu'il m'est apparu clair, que quelque chose manquait. Il me fallait ajouter "quoi?"  Puis, en visitant le blogue de Kelly, la pièce manquant est apparue sous la forme d'un petit ange! J,avais pourtant étalé sur ma table les pièces pour faire un porte clef! 

After all this bla bla... on to this card. My papers are from Pion, would not know the specific collection, as it was my very last piece, Tilda was colored with copics on x-press blending card. all decorative elements from my stash.

Voici  ma carte. J'ignore la collection de ces magnifiques papiers Pion, il ne me restait que ce qui se trouve sur cette carte; Tilda est coloriée aux copics, sur papier x-press, et tous les éléments décoratifs sont de mon inventaire. 

I decorated the inside with all the bits and pieces left overs. The message card was created with my cricut, Art philosophy cartridge, that I simply adore.

J'ai décoré l'intérieur avec ce qu,il me restait. L'espace message est coupé avec ma Cricut - cassette Art Philosophy, que j'adore. (clin d'oeil à Brigitte!!!)

this is the little key chain. You will recognize easily my inspiration for the little angel. I had those little wings for a while, and did not know where I could use them... they were waiting for this specific project. I call that magic!

Voici le petit porte clé. Vous ferez le lien sans doute avec celui sur le site de Kelly. J,avais ces petites ailes et la petite fleur depuis un certain temps... ils attendaient ce projet ! c'est ce que j'appelle de la magie. 

Since I mailed the card and gift in the little box, I decorated the inside! again with my Cricut.
Puisque je poste la carte dans sa boitatou, je n'ai décoré que l'intérieur, encore une fois avec ma Cricut.

18 commentaires:

Christina C. a dit…

WOW.....simply breathtaking!!!!!!
Beautiful card, presentation box and that key chain is absolutely gorgeous!

Louise @ Mme Boitatou a dit…

Tout est si joli!! Même l'intérieur de la Boitatou "postale"!!

Elise a dit…

My gosh Danielle! This is simply INCREDIBLE in real life ... thank you SOoOOOo much for presenting me with such a special gift that you've made! I love it ALL .. your card is absolutely GOR-GEOUS & STUNNING .. and the chain is so special with all the pinks and the angel in pink. :) Very AMAZING indeed! Thank youUUuuUuuU!!!

Much Love,

Dena a dit…

Bonjour! OMG Danielle!!!! What a stunning card and keychain!!! Your coloring is so wonderful and on such pretty papers! I know your friend loved it (I think I know her haha).
Guess what!!? I am doing a photography class too, but it is a blogger that posts and gives simplified lessons. Eventually I will be off auto also YAY!!!!
I am also learning conversational French for our trip to Paris soooooo...Au revoir!!
Big hugs Danielle, Dena

Louise a dit…

Gorgeous Danielle!!, Your card is fabulous as well as the box. Love the key chain.
hugs Louise

Marjolein a dit…

Gorgeous!!!Everything! The box, the keychain and your FAB card!!
Oh, she'll be so thrilled to receive something that's made with so much eye for detail and love!!!
Oh, and your colouring is beautiful, I just had to take closer look on your colouring and loved it even more! :-)


Ps. I can soooo relate to that 'special feeling' when you're crafting something....It's not always present nor does it come when you 'need the inspiration'...
but when it does, it can give such a satisfaction and I just love it when it does, when all things fall into place as you experienced while making this beautiful present! :-)

Céline a dit…

que cet ensemble est joli, si raffiné, avec de belles couleurs et un superbe porte clés

Yvonne a dit…

Simply gorgeous Danielle! Beautiful coloring!
XOXO Yvonne

cathylynn a dit…

WOW all of the items that you created are beautiful! Your card is stunning inside and out and that bookmark is a beauty too! Elise is lucky to get such a gorgeous gift!
Hugs, Cathy

Sandy a dit…

Absolutely out of this world beautiful Danielle! Your card is perfect in every way. Pretty papers - wonderful design - just the right amount of embellishments (no more no less) and your coloring is delicious and I do mean that. Could not figure how Kelly inspired you with your card until I saw the key chain. Danielle your angel is beautiful. I do love how you put the whole chain together.
You will get used to the new jargon and it is very good for your brain to be working it in this way - Bravo!!
Sandy xx

Kelly a dit…

You know that everything you do is elegant and professionally done. I just love to see your work! The card is so beautiful, love the papers but the one directly behind Tilda really enhanced the card into a artistic piece. I love the simple style but the paper and embellishing just makes it gorgeous!
Your box and the insides are so beautiful using the dies. Now the mini card, oh it is so dainty and charming! I love the background with the eyelet and the hook of dangling gorgeous beading and feather, oh I am in love with it!! How beautiful are those. Perfect finish for a gift! I am so glad you inspire you as I am always picking up something wonderful from your creations too. I really enjoy your blog.
Have a great day,

Joséphine a dit…

Wow Danielle c'est magnifique ce cadeau! La carte est superbe et remplie de douceur et que dire du porte clé quelle bonne idée, il est tellement beau!!

Sylvia a dit…

Oh Danielle, you did an amazing job with this card and the box, and I love the key chain with the angel. It all is breathtaking beautiful. I totally agree with you about the feeling part, I think it is the most important thing that you must have to create something. Hugs Sylvia

Brigitte a dit…

Je m'excuse d'être si en retard. Ta carte est magique!!!! J'adore le beau ruban voilé et ton coloriage fabuleux. Tout est tellement beau! Ton marque page avec le petit ange est adorable. Bravo! Bises, Brigitte

Patricia a dit…

C'est super beau Danielle cet ensemble-cadeau. Le porte-cle est original et tres joli, la carte wow tout est en douceur. J'aime beaucoup l'etiquette ou est le sentiment. L'interieur aussi est tres bien fait.
Felicitations et je t'embrasse,
Patricia xx

Annemieke a dit…

Wow Danielle, what a beautiful box and keychain you have made! Greetings from Annemieke

Marjolein a dit…

Hi Danielle, just a note to let you know I appreciate your sweet comment very much! I really had no idea that this Tilda with umbrella is so dear/special to you!
It was such good fun to colour her, I enjoyed myself tremendously. It's been a while and it sure feels good. :-)
I so much love your artwork and all the FAB cards and cardboxes you create, truly stunning and full of details. Great colouring too!
Bye, hope to see more of your gorgeous artwork soon, :-)

from the Netherlands

Barb Hardeman a dit…

Hi Dani, it's so good to see you still creating exceptionally elegant and awesome cards. This one is gorgeous and your coloring is very pretty. The sketch you used is wonderful and the touch of black adds such a sophisticated look! What a beautiful not panel on the went to a lot of work to create this beautiful card for your friend. The matching box is also a delight. Many blessings and hugs going your way...Barb