mercredi 21 octobre 2015

L'or du temps. 50e anniversaire de mariage - Golden Anniversary

Bon mercredi!
Que le temps a vite passé! J'avoue avoir pris des vacances de l'espace web,afin de  mieux évaluer mes besoins, mes goûts, et surtout mieux savoir où mon temps passe! Je ne vous apprends rien en disant que naviguer sur internet nous fait parfois errer de bien long moments! Je m'étais donné une année pour bien réfléchir où je voulais continuer "d'entretenir" mon espace web, et j'ai choisi de continuer mon parcours sur mon blogue seulement; je délaisse Facebook, je ne fais actuellement qu'un survol de l'actualité, aucune interaction, aucun commentaire ou "j'aime", aucune trace!

Happy Wednesday!
Time certainly flies! I have taken some kind of vacation from the cyber space. At a reasonable distance, I wanted to consider my needs, how I felt with all those new platforms where it is now possible to express ourselves, and especially evaluate where my time was spent! No need to explain how navigating on web conducts to long explorations sometimes! I had given myself a year to come to an understanding with myself. I have chosen to continue blogging, this is where I will leave my trace in the cyber space; as far as Facebook is concerned, I will be visiting only, reading the notifications, no more comments or likes. 

Ceci étant maintenant dit, je me suis pas mal amusée à créer! Je vous présente aujourd'hui une carte conçue pour un couple formidable, avec qui nous avons célébré ces 50 années de vies commune. Bien qu'à ce moment j'avais 12 ans, et que je demeurais en face de mes beaux parents, je n'ai aucun souvenir du mariage de ma belle soeur; je devais être trop occupée à célébrer mon propre anniversaire! Voici ce que cet événement m'a inspiré.

This being said, I had a lot more time to create! and I had fun. I am showing you today a card I created for a wonderful couple who celebrated its 50 years of marriage,  this summer. I was only 12 when my sister in law, and neighbor got married, but I was too busy celebrating my own birthday to remember. Below is the result of my "golden" inspiration!

J'ai choisi cette belle image de Stampin up, un jeu nommé Summer by the sea (2004) qui illustre si bien la complicité de nos jubilaires. L'image est coloriée aux crayons Faber Castel, sur Bristol. Je suis désolée de la pauvre qualité de la photo; elle est la seule qui me reste, une mauvaise manipulation et j'ai perdu toutes les autres :( . Mes papiers sont de My minds Eye, j'ai oublié la collection...)

I have chose this beautiful Stampin up image, from a set called Summer by the sea (2004) because it illustrates so dearly the complicity of  my sister in law, and husband. I colored with Faber Castel on bristol. I am sorry for the poor quality of the picture, something happened with this file, and it is the only image I have left. My papers are from My minds Eye, unknown collection).

L,intérieur de la carte.
The inside of the card.

La Boitatou décorée de son étiquette personnalisée et de la petite bouteille remplie de pépites d'or.
The decorated Boitatou with its personalized tag and bottle filled with gold nuggets.

Set of both card and box.

 Merci de votre visite! Merci aussi de m'avoir lue, ca me fait toujours plaisir de lire vos commentaires.
thank you for stopping by, reading me and leaving words.

11 commentaires:

Céline a dit…

une petite merveille cet ensemble et la colorisation wow !!!!

Mandy a dit…

Danielle your card s absolutely gorgeous. I love the image you've used and your colouring is beautiful as always.
I'm so pleased you are continuing blogging :) I too came to the same conclusion a couple of weeks ago after a long hard think! I feel handmade creations deserve so much more than a quick like on Facebook & scroll to the next post so am also focusing my spare time on blogging again and I am really enjoying it
Mandy xx

Christina C. a dit…

I have always loved this image and you did a spectacular job coloring and showcasing this lovely couple! The presentation box is amazing....gorgeous embellishments. I'm sure they were thrilled with this beauty!

cathylynn a dit…

Totally beautiful! Your coloring is outstanding. I love it all. Your creations are always phenomenal. Once again I am in awe!
Hugs, Cathy

Mary Ann Jenkins a dit…

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog Danielle, you always leave the sweetest comments that make my day!! Oh, and what a beautiful card!!

Kelly Neis a dit…

Fabulous Danielle, your love for them shows in this artwork you created. This is a keepsake without words that is felt in the heart. Love it!
Hugs Kelly

Elise a dit…

Hello Danielle!! Wowwww .. your creation for the lovely couple is absolutely ENDEARING! Love the image .. the way it makes me feel so much "love" between the two people sitting enjoying the sunset! And your no lines is absolutely gorgeous! Love how you've coloured this .. and i know your SIL and hubby will treasure this forever!

Big hugs to you!

Kim Piggott a dit…

Such a stunning creation!
Love that wonderful image and coloured to perfection!
Beautiful colours and fantastic embellishments and design!
kim x

Chris a dit…

Superb card Danielle and I bet they absolutely loved it! I think the image is so sweet and your colouring, design, embellishments and textures are perfection. I was interesting to read your thoughts about blogging versus all the other media platforms, it can be such a struggle at times to keep up with everything, I think you're a very wise lady.mbig hugs, hope you're having a good weekend. Chris xx

Marjolein a dit…

Ah, what a lovely card for such a special occasion! Love the soft feel of your colouring, a bit dreamy :-)
It matches so well with the romantic couple.
They must've been so pleased with it.


Sandy a dit…

Am I not getting your posts any more? Your anniversary card is exceptional! Beautifully colored - so perfect for the image. Even your box is beautiful Danielle!
Sandy xx