lundi 8 juin 2020

Krafty Tips and Tuts

Hello Krafty Friends! Krafty Girl Danielle C here today to share with you a tutorial on how I colored a magical out of space sky.
the stamps sets I used for this card were:
and the Star Burst Stencil which will soon be back in stock.

You will need the following inks:
Stormy Sky
Magical Midnight
Sparkling Sapphire
Bubbly Blue
I mostly use brushes to get the subtle pastel look.
I used gloss heavy gel to which I added lots of glitters with the stencil.

My first step was to stamp all my images, make masks for each of them.  I usually color my images first, and do my background after, but you can choose to do otherwise.
Since I fussycut my masks, I make sure that they are positioned slightly behind the line of the image, this prevents leaving a white space between the image and the background, especially when the image is already colored.

Then, I start with my darkest color, Stormy Sky, applying ink in thin coats with the brush, in vertical strokes, as I don't want any texture in my sky so close to the planet and characters. I will repeat until I get the desired intensity.

My second color will be Magical Midnight, which is a slightly lighter shade of blue. I will overlap my first color to blend nicely, extend further up, ending very lightly, cause my next color will not be such a deep blue. I will repeat until I get the shade I want, 

Next color will be Sparkling Sapphire. I suggest to brush thoroughly on an extra paper to remove the dark pigments of previous colors, if you do not have extra brushes. For this color, I will make my strokes round to create a vaporous effect in the sky, as I am going further upin the background. Again, I repeat until I get the desired intensity, overlaping on the previous blue to blend nicely.

Finally, I will apply my last color the very pale Bubbly blue, overlapping the Sparkling sapphire. I have a brush dedicated for this blue, as it is so light I do not want it altered. If you don't have an extra brush, again, make sure you clean the previous color, or use a sponge, as I showed in the picture.

I made the starry sky, a few stars at a time, repositioning the stencil where I wanted big stars, medium size ones, or tiny ones, making sure that they were dried before I made another batch.
When I finished my stars, I applied another layer of ink, to emphasize the blue sky.

and voilà the end result. You can use this technique creating different intensities.  I love creating a vignetting around my images, by using my darkest blues and brushed the corners and the upper part of the image.  It gives a sense of bringing everything together. Of course, I applied Stickles all over the image!

thank you for letting me share this coloring tip with you. I hope you have enjoyed the process! and that it will give you pley of ideas to create fun backgrounds!
Happy Coloring!
Stay safe and Kraft a lot!

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