jeudi 12 août 2010

Tilda au pays des merveilles - Tilda in wonderland.

Bon après midi à vous toutes,
Je suis ravie que Tilda soit allée se ballader au pays des merveilles. Peut-être qu'elle m'aidera à éclaircir ce déferlement désagréable de choses qui se brisent autour de moi! Hier, je vous parlais de mon ordi, mes photos, maintenant, c'est au tour de la carte de mémoire de ma caméra! Elle a tout simplement décidée de rendre l'âme! Plus moyen de la reconfigurer, et évidemment, toutes les photos qui étaient dessus, et que je n'avais pas eu le temps de transférer, à cause des autres inconvénients, sont perdues!!!! Tida a bien essayé de communiquer avec moi, c'est qu'elle a des idées, sauf que mes radars, sont en panne...
La solution idéale pour me reconfigurer, c'est de me mettre au travail. J'aimais tant ce sketch proposé par Friday Sketches, et Tilda m'avait fait signe en insistant pour que je colore Secretive Tilda; mais elle ne m'avait donné aucun détail quant au reste. Puis tout à l'heure, elle m'a fait signe, me faisant savoir qu'elle faisait une petite ballade dans une campagne merveilleuse. Je voyais la forêt enchantée du film Alice au pays des merveilles, et c'est ce thème qui m'a inspirée. Cependant, je voulais pour elle un environnement tendre et doux, reposant et calme; certainement pas parsemé d'aventures comme celle d'Alice! En ce beau jeudi, je vous propose une petite ballade en campagne, pour écouter le chant des oiseaux, et admirer les papillons!
Encore une fois, merci de me lire, de venir me visiter et d'aimablement laisser une trace de votre passage.

Good afternoon, blogging friends,
I am so happy for Tilda, she is enjoying herself in a magic forrest! Maybe she will find an explanation to all this series of badluck falling on me lately! Everything breaks around here, after the computer, the car etc., now, it's the memory card of my camera! Just decided to die on me, not even able to reconfigurate... Well, the best solution not to be affected too much, is crafting. While I was facing all these unfortunate events, Tilda has been trying to set an appoinment with me, but my radars were going bezerk, and I was not able to just sit down; however, she had left me a note, insisting I color Secretive Tilda, that I had just received and inked, nothing else. When I finished, I was still in the dark... so I decided to give a bit of time to housecleaning!!!! This morning, AH! she touched base, informing me she was exploring a magic forrest. I could clearly imgine her following a little path in the woods, picking flowers, chasing butterflies, just having fun, something like the enchanted forrest visited by Alice in Wonderland, without all the adventures! I wanted for Tilda a calm and restfull environment, where she would just play and have fun, just listening to the birds and the bees, the wind in the trees! Therefore, I suggest you close your eyes (well, after looking at my card!) breathe slowly, and just take a minute to transport yourself with Tilda, take her hand and walk down her path...
Hope you enjoyed! Please consider my thanks as being personal, because "no-reply blogger" has "eaten up" all my personal messages to you! I was clicking on "respond" but did not realize no adress appeared but this no-reply stuff... so they all came back in my in-box, snif! Until I find a way, or blogger does, to just reply directly from the comments box, or my hotmail...

J'ai fait cette photo de près pour que vous puissiez admirer la petite breloque en papillon, un cadeau que j'ai reçu lors de ma dernière commande ainsi que l'ajout de Perfect Pearl...
I have done this close up so you can admire the beautiful little Magolia charm, a bonus gift  I received in my last order and the effect of Perfect Pearl...

Friday Sketches, No. 114

J'ai utilisé/I used
Étampe/Stamp: Secretive Tilda, available at Diana's store, here
                        Floral back ground, on reorder, here
SEntiment/greeing: Stampin Up, Sérénité
Tilda et l'image de fonds sont coloriés avec des Copic, mais le gazon du paysage, est en prismacolor.
Tilda and the back ground were colored with Copic, (only the grass is in Prismacolor.
I also used Copic Atyou spica gel markers. J'ai misdes accents brilants avec les copic atyou spica.
Perfect Pearl: green patina & perfect pearl (nacré)
Ruban/ribbon: Pierre belvedere

Spellbinder round scalloped
Creative Memories, circles
Magnolia Cutting dies: No. 1, Vintage Tag, No. 3 Tilda Lace Die and No. 4, Leaf and Swirl also available inpre-order at Diana
Papier/Paper:  and Carton/Cardstock: Creative Memories.

25 commentaires:

Rene a dit…

Oh Danielle! She DEFINITELY spoke to you!!! Well worth the wait! Hope your luck changes soon...out with the bad and in with the good! Thanks for sharing your beautiful card :)

Myrna a dit…

Danielle, I love this card! I can just feel the peace and quiet of walking in the forest. My place I retreat to. In fact, we are heading to the mountains. I also have had a VERY long and difficult week. In 3 days we had 10" of rain! We have a walk-out basement so of course the water just loved that easy entrance. You can imagine the mess we were left with. Here's to better times for both of us. :-) Thanks for sharing your card and story.

Regina a dit…

Danielle!! It´s so good to visit you again! I was very anxious to read your new story ! It is wonderful and I agree with you... Tilda can take us on so many journeys and to be in a quiet and restfull place like the one you create, just listening to the birds and walking would be amazing!!!
Your job is always amazing and your creativity is absolutely stunning.
Love and hugs


Anonyme a dit…

Hi Danielle,
What an awesome card. You paired up Tilda with the perfect peaceful background! Your coloring is awesome, if only my backyard looked like your card! The lace border is so pretty.

Louise a dit…

Ta carte est magnifique, j'aime beaucoup les couleurs et papiers que tu as choisi.

Leonie a dit…

O this is just beautiful Danielle. Love the peaceful feeling it gives, the soft blues and greens are just gorgeous!
Hugs Leonie

Lisette Morris a dit…

Beautiful Danielle! I love the scene you created, very serene.

Hugs, Lisette

Patti Jo a dit…

Wonderful design and coloring! Love how you've incorporated the tag and colored! The DooHickey dies are great aren't they???!!! Terrific work Danielle!

Summite a dit…

J'adore les couleurs et Tilda semble tellement Zen mais en même temps un peu taquine. Bravo toute une carte.

Diana Crick a dit…

She strolls along, not a care in the world, taking deep breaths of the wonderful world around her. Your scene is absolutely perfect, and you used my favourite background stamp!! Fabulous Danielle!
hugs, Diana

Christine Riley a dit…

Wow, this is gorgeous! What a beautiful scene you created and your coloring s beautiful!
Hugs, Christine

Sharon Caudle a dit…

Beautiful card, Danielle! Gorgeous colors and coloring, and your detailing is fabulous!

Christina C. a dit…

My dear Danielle, your card is pure MAGIC! You did an outstanding job with this adorable image and created a breathtakingly gorgeous scene.
This Tilda is a winner!!!!
You have an enchanting way of bringing Tilda to life with your postings. Hugs!!

Genevieve a dit…

Quel bel environnement pour Tilda! C'est si reposant...ça sent l'herbe fraîche!
Bravo c'est vraiment grandiose! Tu nous étonnes à chaque fois!

Silvie Z a dit…

wow Danielle! Sublime, ta carte! J'adore, j'adore, j'adore! Bravo!

Irene Daryanto a dit…

AWWWW Danielle, so cute, love all the die cuts, wish I had them now, lol.
Hugs, Irene

Deb a dit…

Lovely Danielle!! Fabulous choice of DP and restful and cool. Beautiful job, as always.

Deb xoxo

Anonyme a dit…

Bonjour Dan,

Une autre merveille. Mes yeux sont comblés.


Jane H a dit…


Audrey a dit…

Très belle carte! J'aime beaucoup Tilda dans ce paysage! Très bonne idée le petit pendantif sur le ruban! Félicitations pour ce beau travail!

Anonyme a dit…

Hi Danielle!! This is simply gorgeous! I love the way the background is laid out and then Tilda on top of that. SO cute. And yes, Tilda is very lonley on my card.... Edwin is off somewhere else. ;)

Anonyme a dit…

Hmmmm... I just tried to send you a comment, but I am not sure it went through! Anyhow, I LOVE this card. The layout is perfect and I love what you did with the background and where you placed Tilda.

♥♥RubyM:)♥♥ a dit…

OHHH I LOVE THIS SCENE WOW!!! You blew me away with your story and just left me in an awe.The scene is utterly gorgeous.I'm proud of you with what you have accomplished on your blog and overall your beautiful creations,RubyM:)

Anonyme a dit…

Gorgeous Danielle! Love how you used the background, just perfect w/this Tilda! Beautiful creation!
Pam Going Postal

PauleetChinelle a dit…

C'est simple Danielle, c'est tellement beau que j'ai le goût de pleurer. Ta carte est plus que parfaite. La breloque et le petit mot caché. C'est vrai en plus la pensée: La vie nous offre chaque jour un peu de beauté WOW! que c'est beau. Merci de réaliser de si belle chose et de les partager je rêve ce soir d'entendre les oiseaux chanter