jeudi 22 mai 2014

Sometimes it is now or never.

Bon jeudi!
Je vous remercie de votre visite et de tous vos si gentils mots! Aujourd'hui c'est une page de mon journal que je partage avec vous. J'ai recommencé à faire un sketch par jour, quelques fois c'est juste bien banal, d'autres plus fois c'est plus élaboré. Les sentinelles sont parmis les choses que j,aime, juste comme ca, pour aucune raison, sauf que ca me rend heureuse, tout comme les coccinelles, les escargots, les callas, entre autres. La semaine dernière j,ai fait ce sketch, qui attendait une citation approprié. C'est encore une fois, CeeCee qui m'a inspirée par une page qu'elle a fait dans son journal avec cette citation qui me plaisait beaucoup. Je la trouvais parfaite pour accompagner ma sentinelle. Je travaille toujours dans ce petit livre dont le papier n'est pas conçu pour recevoir des médiums humides, mais il supporte assez bien l'encre; j'ai donc tenté ma chance avec des marqueurs Stampin Up, et je me suis laissée aller...voici le résultat.

Happy Thursday!
thank you for your visit and your so kind words! I read each of you with pleasure! Today, I would like to share with you a page of my art journal. I try to sketch every day,as I try to take a picure a day! Sometimes it is very simple, other time it is more complicated. Lighthouses are among "things I like" for no reason,just because they make me happy, like ladybugs, snails, calla lily etc. I sketched a lighthouse last week, it was waiting a proper citation, which was inspired by my cyber friend CeeCee, who has a way with inspiring me! CeeCee made a page in her journal with this citation, you can watch a lovely video she made on it HERE. I thought the words were perfect with my lighthouse. I work in a little sketch book which paper is not friendly with wet mediums, but I tried my Stampin up markers and they worked quite nicely, I just let myself go... here is the result! I am quite happy.

Un gros plan de la sentinelle
A close up of the Lighthouse.

Je vous souhaite une belle fin de semaine!
Wish you a lovely weekend!

11 commentaires:

Yvonne a dit…

Oh my oh my this is gorgeous Danielle!!
Super colours and i love the saying.
XOX Yvonne

cathylynn a dit…

It's good to see you take a step into the journaling world. Wow this is fantastic and looks like watercolor. You sure have a talent with using the various mediums. I'll have to check out CeeCee's video. Thanks for sharing. Hey you're getting close to countdown to Grandma. I'm so excited for you and your family. Sending lots of hugs with love!

Elise a dit…

OMGOSH Dear Danielle! Wow wow wow!!!!!! I am blown away! This scene is AMAZING! You did such an INCREDIBLE job .. gosh .. I've no words! The "textures" that this painting sends is .. wowwww! And I definitely love the words .. yes .. means a lot. I looooove this!

I hope you are having a beautiful week!!

Much Love,

CeeCee a dit…

I am speechless... this is beyond beautiful. It is stunning! Your style is unique and I would recognize it anywhere. I cannot believe you did this with SU markers..?! What did you use as a base? Clear gesso? White gesso? Ground? arrgh, so many questions!
And all that texture at the bottom and for the light!

Oh, and you found the originator of the quote so I will add it to my page.

I'm so happy you decided to share your work with us. C'est un petit chef d'oeuvre. La profondeur que tu donnes à tes ouvrages nous donne l'impression d'avoir la réalité devant les yeux.

Again, thank you for sharing your amazing talent!


Dena a dit…

Oh Danielle! This is stunning!!!!! I love your lighthouse! The beautiful glitter representing the light and the colors you used all work together perfectly and what a PERFECT sentiment! Wonderful journal page sweetie!!!
Hugs, Dena

Sandy a dit…

I told you that you are an artist several years ago -- I told you so and now look at you go. Danielle your painting is gorgeous - beautifully done. I do hope so see more and MORE! It is all just splendid and I love the light coming from the light house. Bravo sweet lady!!

Marjolein a dit…

Do what makes you happy!
Such a special journal, and the way you fill it with the breathings of the heart, beautiful! ( I read this sentiment on the flourishes blog a couple of months ago before I had to buy the stampset)
Love the lights shining and the way you coloured it,
Great sentiment too! You're such a fortunate person to be able to share your creative juices the way you do with the rest of the world! :-)
Thanks for sharing.


Brigitte a dit…

C'est fabuleux Danielle!!!! Quelle belle phrase et ton ciel est d'une beauté époustouflante!!!! J'adore tout!!! Bises, Brigitte

Joséphine a dit…

C'est absolument magnifique, j'adore!!!!

Sylvia a dit…

Oh WOW Danielle this is magnificent. I don't know how you did this but it is amazing, you are so talented and I hope you will share a lot of this beautiful art with us. I thought I had left a comment on the house too but I did not see it anywere, maybe I did something wrong. I love the quotes on both journals.
Take care,
XOXO Sylvia

Sandy a dit…

Second time around and I still love this - just remember the tide is always in your favor!
Sandy xx