vendredi 28 novembre 2014

October Bloomgirl -

Chères lectrices, bonjour!
Merci de vous arrêter sur mon blogue! Je vous reviens aujourd'hui avec le travail complété. J'.ai bien eu quelques difficultés à m'ajuster pour créer le fond avec l'effet que je voulais. j'ai remplacé les Primary Elements par du pastel sec, dilué dans l'eau avec des Glimmer Mist. j'ai obtenu l'effet de transparence, mais j'avoue avoir été passablement inconfortable avec cette piscine dans mon cahier! Aucun contrôle sur l'eau qui se promène. Puis lorsque sec, j'ai obtenu un résultat auquel je ne m'attendais pas! Puis, cette jolie demoiselle est restée sur ma table, le temps que je trouve comment et quoi ajouter pour créer des dimensions. Je ne voulais pas nuire aux fleurs - des marigolds en anglais, je crois la traduction appropriée est souci - mais je voulais quand même quelque chose qui ressort. opté pour un brun très chaud, des stencils, sans trop de brillants pour juste donner du volume. Art journal et citation vont de paire pour moi, je trouvais celle de Julia Cameron, Libérez votre créativité, tout à fait appropriée. À ce sujet, je célèbre un an de page du matin, cette semaine, et j'ai décidé à nouveau d'en reprendre la lecture, ainsique la démarche.  Je vous reviens plus tard avec des cartes de Noël. A plus.

Hello dear followers,
thank you for stopping by my blog. Today, I am back with the completed Bloomgirl project. I had an idea of the background I wanted to create, but had no idea how to come up with it, since I had no Primary Elements pigment powder, I decided to go with dry pastel, diluted with water and Glimmer Mists. I got the transparency effect I wanted, but OH! how scary such an experience is! seeing the pool in my journal got me very uncomfortable, without any control over the "pond" and not knowing how all this would dry. I was quite surprised at the result, I have a few spots where the colors got very intense and opaque, but I find it quite lovely. Then all this remained on my desk, for two reasons: I did not know how to add dimension without disturbing the importance of the marigolds, and because my little dog, Tommy, got sick, to a point I thought I would have to put him to sleep. But... I am so lucky to have found an understanding veterinarian who did helped Tommy, I am happy to report he is back on his feet, living the life of an old dog, but seeming very happy about it! I got stuck again, because I needed a quote, art journaling and quotes are meant to go together for me. Upon reading Julia Cameron, The Artist's way, for the second time, I found this quote, and thought that the look in the eyes of my bloomgirl did express that thought. Speaking about Artist's way, I started the program last year on this very day, never missed one day of Morning pages, and I decided to take the road again for 12 week program, as it did give me a different perspective on life and on my work. I will post again, a few Christmas cards...Meanwhile, hope you have a lovely week.

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Christina C. a dit…

Your Bloom Girl is's wonderful how your background turned out and your experimentation was successful.Absolutely amazing!
Love this work of art!
So glad Tommy is feeling better!!

Elise a dit…

OoH wow Dear Danielle! You have finished your girl!!! Yayyyyy! I am applauding you and so proud of you!!! You have found different ways to create something with materials that weren't available to you .. and it has turned out GORGEOUS! Your artwork is absolutely AMAZING and it's like I can "feel" the textures of your background! Plus, I love the sentiment which you have written on the side .. it goes beautifully with this! Love Love Love your finished piece!

ps .. I am so happy to hear that Tommy is doing very well and happy being a dog once again! :) hehehe!!!

Big Hugs to You!

Brigitte a dit…

C'est super les fleurs dans ses cheveux. J'adore les teintes chaudes et chaleureuses, elle vont si bien avec ta jolie demoiselle. Bises, Brigitte

Joséphine a dit…

Oh wow c'est magnifique, j'adore les fleurs, les teintes, tout tout tout!!!!

Kelly a dit…

I am amazed with this beauty. You basically experimented and look how perfect it all came out! You did a gorgeous well formed bloom girl, really ice, love the marigolds, they enhance her sweet cheeks, love it so much!!! You need to do more!!
Thankful for Tommy to be fine!
Hugs Kelly

cathylynn a dit…

Wow I can not believe how behind I am. This is a gorgeous creation and all of your experiments have fabulous results! You should be very happy with this beauty! I am happy that Tommy is feeling better too! Hope all is well with you and your family and Wishing you Happy Holidays!
Hugs, Cathy